17-18 Season:

Concerts at the Lehman College Art Gallery at Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx, NY 10468

9/7 @4pm “Wonderland”
Mysterious music by Ravel and others
Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Karl Kramer - Horn, Kathleen Tagg - Piano

10/5 @4pm “Mosaics”
Works for voice and small instrumental group
Ariadne Greif - Soprano, Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Karl Kramer - Horn, Hélène Jeanney - Piano

11/2 @4pm “Dark and Stormy Night I”
Bruckner’s String Quintet
Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Rachel Golub - Violin, Chiu-Chen Liu - Viola, Jocelin Pan - Viola, Emily Brausa - Cello

2/1 @4pm “Dark and Stormy Night II”
Medieval, Renaissance and Goth
Ilana Davidson - Soprano, Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Paul Brantley - Cello, Karl Kramer - Horn/Piano

3/1 @4pm “Tick-tock I”
Counting Down the Centuries…
Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Adrian Morejon - Bassoon, Reiko Uchida - Piano

4/5 @4pm “Tick-tock II”
Tapping Through Time, and Haydn’s Clock
Monica Bauchwitz - Violin, Max Pollack - RhumbaTapper, Renana Gutman - Piano