Concerts in the Heights (CITH) is a monthly chamber music series based at Lehman College Art Gallery at Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx, NY 10468 - designed to share musical performances and educational programs of the highest quality with the community. The goal of the series is twofold: to enable residents to enjoy music for small ensembles in an appropriately intimate setting, and to expose neighborhood residents, many of whom do not have access to chamber music, to quality performances, helping to develop new audiences for the art form.

CITH's programs range from classical repertoire to contemporary works by living composers, including those in the New York area. Each program in the series is offered twice: a daytime educational performance for local school children (ages 9-13) as well as senior citizens, and an evening concert for the larger community. Since audience members for both series are often unfamiliar with this repertoire, programs are interactive. Evening concerts include discussion and opportunities for questions both prior to and during the concert, followed by informal receptions open to all attendees. Our Education Program uses an interactive format: CITH musicians work directly with students and seniors, demonstrating their instruments, explaining the background and style of each composition, and engaging students and seniors in discussion throughout the concert.

Board of Directors:

Henry Sutter, Chair
Judith Prowda, Vice Chair
Karl Kramer, Treasurer
Anne Blowers, Secretary
Monica Bauchwitz, Member


Monica Bauchwitz, Artistic Director
Karl Kramer, Artistic Consultant
Reiko Uchida, Artistic Consultant